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West coast tour dates!
from chicago, to washington, to california... don't miss your chance to see Michigan's finest folk-duo.

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Birds to fly at Kerrytown
By Derek Barber, Daily Arts Writer

Opening Thursday's show will be Ann Arbor's own brilliant folk-duo Breathe Owl Breathe. The group will be supporting its newest full-length album Canadian Shield, which is already one of the best records of 2007, in Michigan or anywhere else.

Breathe Owl Breathe makes music of honest curiosity: Music that confounds a listener with its relentless humility, while somehow entrancing an audience with its loveliness at the same time.

The interweaving strings of melody from Andréa Moreno-Beal's cello and Micah Middaugh's acoustic guitar always reveal a story to be told. It's only when the two of them begin to sing that the story becomes clearer. All the while, the audience can't help but clap, sing and laugh along.


Just 'Breathe' and pay attention
By Anna Ash, Daily Arts Writer

Breathe Owl Breathe isn't your average acoustic folk duo. If Cat Stevens and The Books got together over a hearty bowl of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream and wrote a few tunes about sledding and black bears, they might come up with something that slightly resembles BOB's latest album, Canadian Shield.

Anyone hailing from the northern parts of Michigan might have already been graced by Breathe Owl Breathe's earthy folk at last summer's Blissfest or Dunegrass music festivals. And if you were one of the lucky few who were able to squeeze into Arbor Vitae last weekend, then you too understand how difficult it can be to translate the aural response to Breathe Owl Breathe's music into language.


welcome to breathe owl breathe

An earthy Michigan duo with roots in indie, classical and traditional music, breathe owl breathe has cultivated a musical landscape that is at once playful and reverent, silly and heartfelt, mysterious and familiar. Micah Middaugh and Andrea Moreno-Beals experiment with an array of stringed instruments (most notably the cello and guitar) and vocal harmonies to texture their original songs. They were raised by rivers and gardens and their instruments tell the tales. They traveled to cities and islands and their voices tell the tales. They are here for you, Breathe Owl Breathe.